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“I am happy with the outcome of the course”

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Let’s TEFL review, written by Jules.

The course was pretty much what I was expecting from what is advertised on the Let’s TEFL website. You read a chunk of text and then you complete a list of multiple-choice quiz questions. The course lacked any video content and the scrolling through text grew monotonous after a couple of modules in. Also, I noticed one or two grammar mistakes in the texts. Not exactly reassuring. I would describe this course as being essentially a TEFL mill. As long as you read the texts, choose/guess the right answers in the quizzes, and complete the homework assignment, you will pass the course with an almost 100% pass rate and receive your certificate approximately 2 weeks later. There was some mention of job placement on the Lets TEFL website, but this never materialized. I think this course is more suited to someone who just needs the TEFL certificate, without needing to go too much into depth about how and what to teach. I am happy with the outcome of the course. I just wish it had been more challenging.

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