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“Experts in Latin America job placements”

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Maximo Nivel TEFL review, submitted by Lee.

It was possible to take the course in Costa Rica but I didn’t have the time or funds at the time so I decided to take the entire course online, including the teaching practicum which I taught to online students.

After completing the program, I got help from Maximo Nivel to find jobs in the region I was most interested in teaching: South America. Specifically, Bolivia.

They are experts in Latin America job placements.

I knew in advance that the money you earn there isn’t very much, but the cost of living is low so it balances it out.

Maximo Nivel found me a job, teaching at a language school in La Paz, and I’ve been here ever since.

You will need some Spanish language skills to teach here, despite the claims by some programs that you only need to speak English. Luckily, I took a few Spanish classes at college so I was able to get by with the basics. For anything more complicated, I just use Google Translate.

If you find yourself in the region, I recommend seeing Lake Titicaca and also the salt plains.

One of the benefits of teaching English here is you won’t be just one of many other ESL teachers because there are so few of us. Another benefit is there are short distances between the cities. A few teachers and I like to occasionally go party in Cochabamba for the weekend. The journey takes around 7 hours by bus and around 4-5 hours by car, but it is so worth it. Cochabamba is Bolivia’s party town. Needless to say, the ride home is brutal. It’s 100% worth it.

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