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CIEE TEFL review, submitted by Marc.

This online course was easy to navigate and I could log in and study at times that suited me and my schedule. The course presentation and content were excellent, and there were fun tests to ensure you understand the content before moving forward. There is an additional fee for the issue of the TEFL certificate, which I thought was very reasonably priced when considering that this is a fully accredited program. Immediately after my certificate was issued, I started applying for jobs online. It has taken a while to get my hours up to nearing a full-time teaching schedule. However, I’m nearly there now and before long I’ll be having to turn down offers from new students because I don’t want to teach more than 30 hours a week. Teaching online has so many advantages going for it, but it is also exhausting teaching some students. This might not be specific to teaching online but might be the same as teaching in-person classes. I do plan to transition to in-person teaching this fall, and the certificate from CIEE will help me reach my next goal. I would say the course is well worth it.

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