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“Taking the TEFL certification online helped me to study and work at the same time”

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Maximo Nivel TEFL review, submitted by Austin.

I had a pretty awesome experience with Maximo Nivel. Taking the TEFL certification online helped me to study and work at the same time. The teachers within the program are obviously extremely experienced, as well as happy to help. The teaching practice part of the course was arranged so that I taught my classroom hours remotely to online students. This didn’t cause me any problems and I really liked this method because I plan on teaching English online in the future. My students were based in Honduras, which didn’t cause me any timezone issues. Teaching them was fascinating and even though my lessons were part of the free lesson program as part of my teaching practicum, I do think my students gained a lot from my classes. That gave me a great feeling of self-accomplishment. Looking forward, I will be looking to teach English to students online from around the world. I might even consider relocating to a Spanish-speaking country to teach if the conditions suit me. This was a wonderful program and has really inspired me to pursue teaching English as a foreign language in the future. Top marks for Maximo Nivel! 🙂

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