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“You do need to pay for the i-to-i TEFL certificate”

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i-to-i TEFL review, submitted by Cynthia.

A good self-guided study course that gets the job done without the inconvenience of having to be at a specific place to complete it. No extra services such as job hunting help, but I didn’t need this anyway as I already had a job lined up when I took the course. Thought it would have been nice to receive regular feedback on my coursework, but I managed to pass the course without this help so again I can’t complain as it didn’t affect me so much. The course is mostly text-reading-based, but overall I enjoyed what was presented and how it was presented. You do need to pay for the i-to-i TEFL certificate when all the modules are done. This is one area in which I think i-to-i could improve – like issuing the certificate without a fee. They do mention it in their T+Cs, however, I couldn’t find any mention of it elsewhere on their website. I needed a quick online TEFL course for the certification and this i-to-i course was delivered.

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