“Definitely recommend the program to anyone thinking about it”

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CIEE TEFL review, submitted by Brandi.

This school is really easy to work with. It was 100% online. Consists of different course modules, lesson planning tasks, and the teaching practicum. I wasn’t required to travel anywhere for classes and I taught students online for the practical teaching component of the course. My tutor was very responsive and always available. I work a 45 hr week and was able to complete the program in 3 months. The teaching component took more time to complete than I expected but that was because I wasn’t always free when my students were free to have a lesson. We always managed to work it out though so in the end everything ran smoothly for everyone. This TEFL program isn’t as cheap as some of the others, but I thought it offered good value for money. The training is on a very high level. Something you wouldn’t find in a really cheap course I think. I’m now preparing everything for my move to South Korea, where I’ll be getting paid $3k per month, I think I’ll be able to save $1k of that and that’s with all other expenses taken into account so I should have a nice sum saved in a year’s time from now. Definitely recommend the program to anyone thinking about it.

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