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“Many TEFL programs follow the study at your own pace system. International TEFL Academy doesn’t”

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International TEFL Academy review, submitted by Leonard.

Having just recently taken the International TEFL Academy online course, I feel comfortable advising other students about the course.

It’s going to be a lot harder than you think or expect it will be and it will consume much more than the advised workload. I was spending far more than the assigned 30 hrs a week on my studies. In the final week of the four weeks in total, I clocked up over 60 hours. This is because the TEFL course offered through the International TEFL Academy has a set start and end date with coursework deadlines you must stick to. Many TEFL programs follow the study at your own pace system. International TEFL Academy doesn’t. Personally, for me, I preferred this method system because I procrastinate too easily and by having targets and deadlines I was forced to meet them or fail the course. Bearing this in mind, the content of the course and the workload is thorough and demanding. At first, you might feel like someone pushed you into the deep end of the pool, but you soon get the hang of the system, and if you put your mind to it the course structure they have created is doable. One thing I can guarantee is that you will complete the course with a huge knowledge of teaching English methodology. What I really liked about the course setup was that they provide you with experienced tutors who help you with any new and/or difficult tasks. This alleviates the stress and tension of taking a high pressured course such as this one. If you are absolutely serious about learning TEFL and don’t mind your life is dominated by TEFL for 4 straight weeks then I recommend the International TEFL Academy. The program is accredited too so you shouldn’t need to worry about finding work with the certification.

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