“My advice is to take your TEFL certification online”

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ICAL TEFL review, submitted by Hannah.

It’s been a couple of years now since I studied TEFL with ICAL, so this is me finally getting around to writing a review of them.

I remember not expecting too much from an online study course. It was my first time studying online (not my last though!) and I had read a lot of conflicting info in online forums about whether or not it was recommended to take the TEFL certification online. There were strong arguments for taking it in person and other solid arguments for taking it online. The main argument for the in-person corner was that online certificates are not as recognized as in-person ones, and the main argument for the online corner was that the in-person certification courses are overpriced and an unnecessary expense.

Well, I can most certainly clear this up now.

I have NEVER experienced any issue with using my online TEFL certification when applying for jobs.

My own personal experience is that I was NEVER (not once) asked whether my certification was attained online or in person. And when I was teaching in Seoul, I taught with other teachers who had online and in-person TEFL certificates, and both groups were teaching at the same level and for the same money.

My advice is to take your TEFL certification online.

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