“Overall, the course was challenging yet fun”

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ITTT review, submitted by Guy.

I had a good experience with the 120-hour TEFL course. I liked how the course taught a combination of teaching grammar and teaching methodology. It (the course) taught me what should be in a lesson and how a lesson should be taught. The only thing is that some of the material is out of date, like the media in the classroom unit, so I think this unit should be updated to reflect the media possibilities for the classroom in 2023. Other than this minor complaint, the course was comprehensive and an enjoyable experience. I did pay for the tutor support and I’m pleased I did because it was reassuring to know there was someone on the other end should I have any questions. Most of the course is self-explanatory (it’s also self-paced) but I did have questions with regard to a few of the more complicated grammar topics, some of which I was discovering for the first time. Overall, the course was challenging yet fun at the same time. Best regards, Guy.

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