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“I’m going to rate the ITA TEFL program a 60% for student satisfaction”

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International TEFL Academy review, submitted by Joel.

I completed the TEFL program with this company in August 2021.

Positives of the program:

  1. The course materials are excellent. They are written and presented on a high level and appear to cover all the core topics of TEFL teaching.
  2. The course is supplemented by instructional videos. These segmented the course nicely and ensured that the course didn’t become too wordy or text-heavy.
  3. The feedback I received on my assignments was excellent. Someone had clearly taken the time to read carefully through my coursework and the grade I received from each was fair. A few of my assignments also came with recommendations on how I could have improved my work. I learned a lot because of this honest, constructive feedback.
  4. The course certificate looks the part.
  5. ITA has an international jobs board for graduate students of the program. Although most of the job adverts have been in countries in which I’m not interested in teaching in, I have found a few leads for online teaching jobs.

Negatives of the program:

  1. The price of the course is much higher than many others which I have looked at since. I’m not really sure why this is so when the course follows the same syllabus as many cheaper TEFL courses.
  2. The big negative for me was the rigidity of the course timetable. I hadn’t realized there were courses you can take without a set start and end date. If you take this course, you have to start and end on a certain date and you have to submit your assignments on specific dates too.
  3. It took me about a week to come to terms with the study platform (Moodle). It’s outdated software and there were glitches in the system from time to time.

Overall a bit of a mixed review from me. The course is fantastic, there is no debate there, but the rigidity of the course timetable will probably put a lot of people off from taking this course. If ITA could move away from using Moodle, I think they would dramatically improve the course experience for students in the program.

I’m going to rate the ITA TEFL program a 60% for student satisfaction.

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