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“when it comes to the nitty gritty of providing TEFL tuition I would say INTESOL does a decent enough job”

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INTESOL Worldwide review, submitted by Celeste.

I was requested to take a TEFL course before my future (now current) employer would even consider me for a job interview. I teach in Thailand. I really thought it was still possible to teach without the certificate (I am a native English speaker) but it seems like schools are much more strict now when it comes to insisting that people have the TEFL certification. I later found out that it is because most countries now require English teachers to have the TEFL certificate for a work visa. I have actually met a handful of teachers who are teaching without the TEFL, but they also teach illegally and can be thrown out of the country at a moment’s notice. It happened to one guy. He left for a weekend visa run to Malaysia and wasn’t allowed back into the country when he returned through Suvarnabhumi. TEFL courses are pretty reasonably priced so I just don’t understand the logic of not wanting to get the certification and instead rolling the dice on being able to stay in the country.

I thought the INTESOL course was OK. A lot of what was taught I already knew, but I did find some of the activities interesting and useful for my one-on-one classes. INTESOL only provides the course tuition though, so if you also need job support and tutor help when you are taking the course then this might not be the right one for you. Still, when it comes to the nitty-gritty of providing TEFL tuition I would say INTESOL does a decent enough job.

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