“The CIEE TEFL TESOL Course was organized and thorough”

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The CIEE TEFL TESOL Course was organized and thorough.

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CIEE TEFL review, submitted by Melia.

THE CIEE TEFL TESOL course was organized and thorough, and the website was easy to navigate. It’s a study-as-you-go course which means you can start and stop where you last left off and there is no one there to hassle you because you weren’t online at a specific time. Because it was self-paced, I could work when I had free time for myself. All in all, it took me two months to complete the course. I think it can be completed in half that time, but I enjoyed taking my time and cross-referencing grammar as I studied. I wouldn’t judge it as being a difficult course. you do, however, need to account for the need to learn a lot of new grammar terms.

I’m a native-English speaker so I thought the course would be a walkover. In many places it was, but I was surprised at some of the grammar areas taught which I really should have known. Well, now I know them 🙂

I would consider this a solid course for people wanting to get the necessary knowledge skills for TEFL and for people who want to teach General English to mainly children and adults. Business English was covered, but it seemed like it was just a passing thought.

I would like to award the program the top grade and I am so proud of myself for persevering and completing the program!

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