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“Expensive, but worth it”

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5 star online tefl review

OISE University of Toronto TEFL review, submitted by Walter.

Expensive, but worth it. I couldn’t have afforded the course myself, so I asked a generous family member to pony up the money for me. The course cost, including the certification fees, was north of $1,000. It didn’t seem they have so many students on their courses because I often had instant replies to my questions and my course coordinator was there for me throughout the day. It’s an excellent program and one I would recommend to people who have the right budget, or a generous relative.

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  1. Always hear good things from teachers that took the OISE University of Toronto TEFL course, but the consistent gripe is the course cost.
    If you don’t have the money to take a course from this program, I would highly recommend looking into the much cheaper TEFL Online Pro.
    They offer the same course and same services and you don’t have to pay for job assistance like you do with OISE University of Toronto TEFL.
    This is likely one of the reasons why they are the top-rated program for online TEFL students.
    Read their reviews and make up your mind for yourself:
    I’ve met a number of teachers that went through the TEFL Online Pro program and they only had positive things to say about the program as a whole.

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