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Ninja Teacher Academy review, submitted by Clarisse.

This review is from when I took the Ninja TEFL course during the pandemic so it is a review of when the course was in the online format. Ninja TEFL has since reverted back to in-person TEFL classes, but I think I can write that from what I’ve heard from others who have taken the on-site course that the format hasn’t changed that much (except that now students teach their practicum at the Ninja TEFL school in Vietnam and not online as I did).

Right off the bat, Alex was awesome.

He literally overnight had to change his course over to online and although there were a few teething problems I still had an immersive TEFL Vietnam experience. Online, of course.

It was a 150-Hour TEFL course and the teaching practicum took up around 30 hours; meaning the core content of the course was 120 hours.

Alex was always available for Zoom calls and I had a few group Zoom calls, set up by Alex, with other people who were taking the course at the same time I did.

For me, I preferred teaching the 30 hours online because it meant I didn’t need to deal with all the extra stress of being at the front of the classroom whilst in training. Instead, I could relax more and focus more on my students and getting my message across.

If you want to do a TEFL Vietnam course, I believe this is the best one to take in HCMC.

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