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ITTT review, submitted by Heather.

I liked the flow of the course and I was able to squeeze it into my free time while I was working full-time over the summer. There isn’t a rigid timetable or anything like that so you can return to where you last left off whenever you feel like it. I wouldn’t say it is a difficult course, not really easy either- it hits a nice balance between the two. I chose to pay the extra for their tutor support, although I now see that some TEFL programs offer this service free as part of the course price. Response times from ITTT were overall pretty good and I never felt left out in the dark. I’ll be using my TEFL certificate next year when I hope to be able to travel abroad to volunteer to teach English in Thailand. My ITTT certificate was posted from Thailand so I’m hoping they can help me with a volunteer job placement over there. Even if you are just going to volunteer to teach, I would still pay to take a TEFL course. Literally from the first module, I knew there were so many things that I didn’t know about teaching English- things that are essential to know if you want to be an effective TEFL teacher. I am happy to recommend ITTT TEFL.

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