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“Too good to be true”

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World TESOL Academy review, submitted by Craig.

I was always told that if something is too good to be true it is too good to be true. In other words, it won’t live up to your expectations. World TESOL Academy has adverts showing around the clock on Facebook and the reviews for the program were good. So was the price. I think I paid $30 for the course. The promise was that with this certificate, you could teach online or overseas and that it was accepted everywhere. I went ahead and enrolled and so began the World TESOL Academy farce. The course can be completed in a few hours. Each module is a few paragraphs of test followed by a multiple-choice test. After every module (and I mean EVERY module) there is a reminder that you can become an affiliate for the company and make money by selling the course to other people. I even received phone calls reminding me about this. At the end of the day (the same day I enrolled) I printed off my TEFL certificate and that was the end of my World TESOL Academy experience. Or, so I thought. The emails just kept coming, as did the phone calls, reminding me that I could earn big money by selling the course to other people. This explains all the 5-star reviews on World TESOL Academy’s Facebook page. People write about how wonderful the course is because they just want to sell it to other people. this isn’t a TEFL program. It’s a Ponzi scheme. I did apply to a few schools with the certificate but I was laughed out of the building. It appears that the word is now out that this program does very little in the way of preparing you to teach English. I’m now going to take a TEFL course that is reasonably priced, which is internationally recognized, and doesn’t treat me like some kind of extension to its marketing department. World TESOL Academy is too good to be true and I should have known better.

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  1. Craig.

    Thanks for your World TESOL Academy review.

    I need to highlight that the World TESOL Academy has the Reviews tab on its Facebook page disabled and turned off.

    This is a major red flag.

    The reviews that Craig is referring to are photos of supposed World TESOL Academy grads posing with their World TESOL Academy certificate and claiming how amazing the program was, etc.

    If the program is so amazing, why delete the Reviews tab?

    The usual reason for doing this is because a company receives so many negative reviews that it decides it’s in its better interests to turn off the Reviews tab.

    It can then decide to post fake reviews or quid-pro-quo paid reviews in its Facebook page feed and hope that no one notices that the Reviews tab has been disabled.

    Mia Williams – Trusted TEFL Reviews

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