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“Why I chose the TEFL Online Pro program”

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tefl online pro review, submitted by Jake.

Why I chose the TEFL Online Pro program.

  1. It is a highly-rated online TEFL/TESOL course.
  2. The TEFL Online Pro course is fully accredited. This means that the course meets strict standards of quality and professionalism and that graduates of the course are highly sought after by employers all over the world.
  3. It won the Teachers’ Choice Award last year and is one of the 5 Best recommended TEFL/TESOL courses to take in 2023.
  4. The cost of the course was reasonable, considering it included 24/7 dedicated tutor support and post-course job assistance. My dedicated tutor was available to answer any questions or concerns that I had, as well as provide feedback on lesson plans and teaching materials. The tutor came across as highly experienced and qualified. My job assistance support person was also highly knowledgeable and was available around the clock to answer the many questions I had.
  5. The back and forth with the school when I had a question was excellent. I got an almost instant reply every time.
  6. The course is designed to be flexible, allowing students to complete it at their own pace. There are no strict deadlines or schedules, and I could study whenever I had time, making it ideal for me because I was working full time and had other commitments.
  7. The course is divided into twelve modules, covering all aspects of teaching English as a foreign language, including grammar, phonology, lesson planning, classroom management, and teaching techniques. Each module is divided into several units, each of which consists of a detailed lesson plan, teaching materials, and interactive quizzes and exercises to help students understand and retain the information. The quizzes were fun to complete, and the feedback I received on my lesson plans was always motivating and just so helpful.
  8. The course is also recognized by many international organizations and institutions. This recognition further highlights the quality and credibility of the TEFL Online Pro course.


While the TEFL Online Pro course is highly rated and offers many benefits, there are a few potential drawbacks to consider:

  1. Lack of in-person teaching experience: While the course does include practical assignments, these are done online, which may not provide the same level of experience as in-person teaching.
  2. The online format of the course may not be suitable for everyone. Some individuals may prefer the face-to-face interaction and hands-on experience provided by in-person courses, and may find it difficult to stay motivated and engaged when studying online.

Overall, the 120-hour online TEFL course is a comprehensive and flexible option for anyone interested in pursuing a career in teaching English as a foreign language. The course provides a solid foundation for teaching, and this was noted when I began interviewing for jobs and when the questions I was asked were information I remembered from the course. As a result, I could answer all the interviewers’ questions and they were impressed with my TEFL knowledge.

I am traveling and teaching (online) and this seems to be the sweet spot for me.

If you want the experience of teaching in a classroom full of students, definitely teach in person. You might get lucky and work under a good manager, or you might not. You might also have to do a lot of non-paid work, such as marking homework and attending stupid school events that often make no sense. So there are pros and cons there too.

If you just want to travel and earn money as you nomad your way around the world, I would recommend teaching online. I teach for a few schools so I don’t have all my eggs in the same basket. For me, the pros far outweigh any cons of teaching online. I didn’t give up my job just to go work for someone else. Technically, I do work for the people that own the online schools I teach for, but they rarely bother me.

If I ever find a place where I want to settle, I will strongly consider teaching at a school. I’ll just be super choosy about the working conditions.

Until then, I am 100% satisfied with teaching English online from any place where I currently find myself.

This is the course I took: https://teflonlinepro.com/120-hour-professional/

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  1. Thank you very much for your kind words, Jake.

    We appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with us.

    We did just want to note that students wishing to include 20 teaching practice hours as part of their TEFL Online Pro training can do so by taking our 140-Hour Hybrid certification course:


    Wishing you continued teaching English success, happy travels, and we look forward to working with you again in the future!

    Kind regards,

    Paul Murphy | Operations Manager | TEFL Online Pro


    The Teachers’ Choice Award winner in 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022


  2. Hi, Paul! Thanks for the response! Ah yes, I see now that TEFL Online Pro also runs a combined course. The 120-Hour Professional course was perfect for me and I’ve had no issues teaching lessons because of the lesson plans I created in the course and because of the excellent course content. Btw, I wanted to rate my course experience 4.5/5 (9/10). There wasn’t an option for that when I submitted my review. I’ll keep in touch! Jake

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