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ITTT review, submitted by Grace.

ITTT is a scam program with many websites and many hidden fees. I was charged $200 (US) for my TEFL certificate. I asked where and when the certificate was going to be posted and ITTT lied to me. They wrote me the certificate would be posted from Connecticut within 5 days. When it arrived, it had a Thailand postage stamp on the envelope and it took a month to arrive at my home address in Florida.

This made me want to look further into the ITTT program and I came across this website and got really worried because of the poor reviews. When I read more, I realized this company is a big scam.

ITTT is based in Thailand but claims it has a head office in Hong Kong. Lie #1.

ITTT told me its courses are fully accredited. They are not. Lie #2.

ITTT says it runs TEFL courses all around the world. They don’t. Lie #3.

I found the ITTT program through Linda Dunsmore on Quora. She writes about ITTT a lot and says she took the program and is a satisfied customer who likes to write good things about the program. Linda is actually one of the owners of ITTT and is a prolific grifter on Quora. Lie #4.

If I could give zero stars, I would. I don’t recommend ITTT because ITTT is a scam program.

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