“I passed TEFL without any difficulty”

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MyTEFL review, submitted by Anna.

For me, it was the possibility to earn money online that got me interested in doing a TEFL course, and when I saw an advert for the online MyTEFL program I went ahead and signed up for it. The assistance I received from MyTEFL when I was signing up for the course was professional and helpful. TBH I didn’t realize there are so many other courses. I thought MyTEFL was the only one offering international TEFL. Now I see this definitely isn’t the case. In fact, far from it. This was the first time for me taking a course online and I was nervous about the prospect of doing it at first. Didn’t know what to expect really. It wasn’t a difficult course though and I passed TEFL without any difficulty. Am looking forward to receiving the promised help to find a teaching job online and later on I will want to be teaching while I travel. I can’t objectively write whether it was a great course or not because this was my first go at education online. I think it was good enough and as long as I do find work with the certificate then I will conclude that it was a good investment. Only time will tell.

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