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“I give the course high marks but lower marks for the help provided with finding work after”

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Let’s TEFL review, written by Julie.

I just want to begin by writing that the course was easy to access and I enjoyed working through it. There were a few times when I ran into difficult sections but I was able to Google the answers. The course follows a logical path and I really don’t see anyone managing to fail this course. I passed the course with 86%. Not the best grade, but not fail either. The issue I had with Let’s TEFL is that before I enrolled I specifically asked whether a degree was required for teaching in Thailand, and I got a specific answer back that no a degree isn’t required. It turns out that a degree is required if you want to teach English in Thailand. I don’t have a degree so Thailand is now out of the picture for me. I’ve read that it is possible to teach in Vietnam without one but a lot of the information online is conflicting so I’m not really sure if this is true or not. I give the course high marks but lower marks for the help provided with finding work after.

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