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“The course format wasn’t very user-friendly”

2 star online tefl review

The TEFL Academy review, submitted by Zachary.

I did not enjoy The TEFL Academy Level 5 course because the course format wasn’t very user-friendly and I never received any feedback on my assignments, or any support finding work. A lot of things are promised on their school website. A lot of things were not delivered. If they uncluttered the course then I believe the study experience would be much better for their TEFL students. I was expecting a steady-paced course with logical steps. Instead, the materials were presented in a haphazard way and this made it seem that the course had been put together in a rush. The TEFL Academy should also consider editing its school website so that what they really offer is correctly published. I don’t consider a list of schools, with some of the links broken, as being provided with “extensive job support”. This was a disappointing and unnecessarily expensive experience for me.

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The TEFL Academy Course Certification Review

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  1. had a similar experience with TTA The TEFL Academy! For all their online promotions and promises, the course just didn’t live up to expectations. It was so bad that I cancelled and requested a refund. Of course, they made it almost impossible to get one but my bank managed it for me and I did receive all my money back. Even to this day, I still receive weekly emails from TTA The TEFL Academy offering me a bonus course if I write a positive review for them online. If this doesn’t put you off, I don’t know what will. I decided that TEFL Online Pro would be a far better option for me because this company is internationally recognised and fully accredited and because they have really great reviews. I enrolled in their Hybrid 140-Hour international TEFL/TESOL certification course. You can view it here: It was MUCH BETTER than the Level 5 one I took with TTA The TEFL Academy and Claire from TEFL Online Pro actually helped me find the teaching job I am at now. TTA The TEFL Academy is a UK company so I think their certificates are only recognised within the UK and possibly in some European countries. TEFL Online Pro, on the other hand, are based in the USA and the EU and their certificates are recognised worldwide. The price of the course with TEFL Online Pro was about the same as the price of the course with TTA The TEFL Academy but you get MUCH MORE by going with TEFL Online Pro.

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