“Overall a decent experience but I didn’t feel they went out of their way to accommodate new teachers”

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UNI-Prep review, submitted by Christa.

My online experience it’s not been the greatest. Found the course interface to be clunky in places and there are bugs in the programming. Not the most user-friendly online course. Having said that the content of the course was full of interesting information. Lots of teaching activities are given. Some of them were ones I saw before in ESL textbooks I used with my students, and some of them I saw for the first time. If I had to give a score for the overall content of the course it would be a high score. More videos and illustrations would be nice. You pay for just the course; meaning there isn’t any support other than help with the enrollment. I think they should at least give some job assistance help at the end. The certificate was an additional expense after course completion. It wasn’t prohibitively expensive. Overall a decent experience but I didn’t feel they went out of their way to accommodate new teachers.

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