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Oxford Seminars review, submitted by Claire.

I took the online class with an in-class component because I wanted some teaching hours under my belt before I took to real-life classrooms and paid work. I now know that the in-class component isn’t necessary, despite Oxford Seminars claiming on their website that purely online TEFL courses are not worth the paper they are written on. This isn’t true because, at the school where I was teaching, there were quite a few teachers there with purely online TEFL certifications. Still, though, I enjoyed this course and I really enjoyed the teaching part. It does feel really good to put into practice what you have been taught.

There wasn’t any job support to speak of but I didn’t need this anyway. I took this course so that I could be accepted for a teaching job that I already had lined up in Chengdu. Despite having a college diploma, the school insisted I get TEFL qualified too. I’ve heard this wasn’t always the case, needing to show a TEFL certification before a school will even consider you for a position, but that it is now the case. It does make a lot of sense because how can someone with just a college diploma and no TEFL experience be expected to do a sufficient job in a classroom? It seems crazy to me.

The Oxford Seminars program was a good TEFL program for a good price, considering all that it contained. If I had to do it all over again, I probably would take this course.

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