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“My 4.5/5 star rating for this fully accredited TEFL/TESOL program”

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5 star online tefl review

tefl online pro review, submitted by Mandy.

My 4.5/5 star rating for this fully accredited TEFL/TESOL program.

When I took the 120-Hour TEFL/TESOL course with teflonlinepro.com (December 2020) they were the top-rated TEFL/TESOL program, and I see that they still are. It was obvious to me why this is so because when I was on the course I had a very positive experience.

For one thing, the course price was much more affordable than some of the other high-end programs. I did ask Paul why and he said it is because TEFL Online Pro is largely an online company and they don’t have the expensive office overheads which some of the other programs have. I did compare the teflonlinepro.com offering to the more expensive online TEFL/TESOL courses and the offer is identical, except for the cheaper price of this program.

I thought the course was very well written and very engaging. There was also support available from 24-Hour tutors, that got back to me very quickly when I had a question. This was super impressive.

When I finished the course there weren’t any unnecessary wait times for the certificate, and I also received a letter of recommendation. Jennifer was such a great help with her expert support when I said I needed help finding a teaching job online. It didn’t take long to start teaching and I really have her to thank for the work she did proofreading my resume, providing tips on pay and working conditions, preparing for an interview, and informing me about which online companies were best to avoid and which were the ones she recommended I apply to.

My only criticism of the program is that I sometimes needed support on a Sunday, but the school is closed on Sundays. This meant that if I asked for something Sunday morning, I then had to wait until Monday morning for a reply.

Other than this though, I am so impressed with the TEFL/TESOL course offered by this company and it was an awesome investment.

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  1. Hello Mandy,

    We are incredibly grateful that you took the time out to leave us a 4.5-Star review.

    Wishing you continued teaching English online success, and we look forward to working with you again in the future!

    Kind regards,

    Paul Murphy | Operations Manager | TEFL Online Pro


    The Teachers’ Choice Award winner in 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022


    ACTEFLC Fully Accredited

  2. I see that TEFL Online Pro won the Teachers’ Choice Award this year.
    It’s no wonder due to the consistently positive feedback that I hear from fellow ESL teachers.

  3. Thanks for the response Paul! I’ve just been accepted for a teaching job in Vienna in Austria. Am so excited about the move over! I’ll let you know how that goes and will let you know if I need any support after. I’m thinking of staying in Europe for a year and then will probably want to live and teach in Italy or France. I’ll be in touch! Mandy

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