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Bridge TEFL review, submitted by Tessa.

This Bridge TEFL course is one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly course offerings I have ever taken. I teach Business English online to professionals and managers with multinational corporations around the globe. I am happy with my job, but I felt it was time to branch out into other areas of ESL teaching. The problem was that I hadn’t bothered to take a TEFL course before so when I began applying for General English teaching jobs online, I fell short in every interview because I hadn’t the international TEFL qualification. This was despite having taught Business English to non-native speakers for five years. Bridge TEFL is based relatively close to me and it was a no-brainer to take their TEFL course. The course is one of those studies at your own place setups, which suited me perfectly. I was impressed with the subjects covered in the course and equally impressed at how quickly they got back to me when I had a question, or after submitting a course assignment. It feels great to finally be TEFL qualified and not be automatically shot down in interviews because of my lack of TEFL certification. I’ve had a few (virtual) interviews so far and the initial feedback has been great. I’m hoping to relocate overseas whilst still maintaining some of my online student classes. My advice to anyone who is teaching but without the TEFL is to bite the bullet and take a TEFL course. It will open many more doors for you and it has also given me greater confidence when I am teaching my current online students. Thank you!

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