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“Bridge TEFL wasn’t worth the money”

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Bridge TEFL review, submitted by Jasmin.

There were some things that I liked about the Bridge TEFL course and some things I didn’t like.

Overall, I’m afraid I have to conclude that Bridge TEFL wasn’t worth the money. At least for me.

What I did like about the Bridge TEFL course:

  1. It was full of good ideas for classroom activities.
  2. The tutor’s support was really good.
  3. The certificate looks professional.
  4. I had some help in finding a teaching placement.

What I didn’t like about the Bridge TEFL course:

  1. The fixed start and end dates were very restrictive. I couldn’t just study as I pleased.
  2. The course fee is a lot higher than other comparable courses.
  3. The certification fee was an unexpected additional expense upon completing the course.

Others have also complained about the fixed start and end dates of the course. The issue I had with this was that I continually felt under pressure to keep up and had to submit coursework on an exact day and by the deadline time for that day. If you have a whole free month free then this shouldn’t be an issue for you, but if you have some things to do, like work, it can quickly turn into a bit of a nightmare because if you don’t submit coursework in time the school will fail you and then you’ve lost your course place.

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  1. I agree with you, Jasmin, that Bridge TEFL’s course is overpriced.
    If it were me considering Bridge TEFL, I would just go for an on-site 4-week course instead.
    It works out the same price-wise and you would also receive observed teaching practice which is something Bridge TEFL doesn’t provide with their online course.

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