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“There are many things to like about Vantage TEFL Thailand”

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Vantage TEFL Certification review, submitted by Holly.

There are many things to like about Vantage TEFL Thailand. Before I chose to enroll in the program, I had contacted other schools in Thailand, but for some reason, I didn’t feel a connection. Also, Vantage came over as a more professional education institute. Most of the other programs I found online that offer courses in Thailand seemed to have sketchy accreditation credentials and seemed more focused on selling a beach party experience than a serious TEFL course that would lead to what I wanted to do: teach Business English to business professionals. On my very first call to Vantage, I had the pleasure of speaking with a very helpful Admissions Counselor. She was very patient, as well as professional, and I felt that I was in good hands right from the start. Vantage TEFL Thailand has so much to offer. I loved how the instructors are always willing to help at any time of the day. The combined TEFL course I took with Vantage is designed to get you out of your comfort zone. Trust me when I write that this is the type of training you will need. I’m sure that the less serious courses in Thailand are a lot easier to take, but I viewed my course as an investment and when I invest I want the most out of my investment. As a result, I received excellent TEFL training. When I finished the course I also received help with my resume and help to find job leads in Bangkok. Vantage TEFL Thailand was without doubt the best choice I could have made.

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