“I definitely expected more from ITTT TEFL”

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Rating: 2 out of 5.

ITTT review, submitted by Casey.

This is my honest ITTT TEFL review.

  1. The course is OK. It is a text-based course, which means that you read a lot of materials and you then complete multiple choice quizzes. I know that some people have an issue with text-heavy courses. I didn’t mind so much. Videos can be a valuable addition when they are done right, but when they are of poor quality or just included for the sake of being included then I think they can be an unnecessary distraction. Besides, there is YouTube if you need to cross-reference any materials.
  2. I paid the extra $$$ for a personal tutor, who touched base with me at the beginning of the course. I never heard back from her, despite requesting help along the way. I wouldn’t recommend paying for the tutor support. It is a complete waste of money.
  3. When I had completed the course and tied up all the ends, I was a bit shocked that I also had to fork out $$$ for the certificate. It took a while for the delivery. This is because it was sent from Thailand and the international post can be slow sometimes. I did receive a tracking number though and it was fun tracking its movement from east to west.
  4. After I’d paid for the certificate and then received it, I never heard back from ITTT TEFL again. They just ghosted me. I could have done with getting some post-course job placement help.
  5. The good news is that I have a job now. I’m teaching English online and so far so good. I wasn’t completely dissatisfied with the whole ITTT TEFL training experience, but some of it did suck and I definitely expected more from ITTT TEFL.

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  1. Casey.

    Thanks for submitting your ITTT TEFL review.
    Despite the course negatives, it’s good to hear that you have managed to find teaching work online.

    On an unrelated note, Trusted TEFL Reviews wanted to take this opportunity to officially welcome in the new-look reviews version- started from today. We have changed the look for the star ratings and we have tidied up the links section below each review.

    We hope that this improves the website experience for our readership.

    Mia Williams – Trusted TEFL Reviews

  2. It’s definitely less cluttered. I like it!
    It’s also great to see how popular is becoming.
    I’ve met at least a dozen teachers this past month who’ve said they chose a TEFL course based on reviews they read on

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