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“UoT TEFL and Teach Away really delivered”

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OISE University of Toronto TEFL review, submitted by Penny.

I didn’t realize how effective remote learning could be. If I had known how seamless the experience was going to be, I’d have taken more courses online in the past instead of paying through the nose to attend in person. Spoiler alert! I passed the course with flying colors 🙂 That’s not to say the course was easy. Far from it. You are made to work for your final grade. What I did like about the whole system of the course is that you are not graded only on one final exam. I’ve never really been great at dealing with the stress of unnecessary final tests and exams so this system suited me just fine. It did take me a while to complete the course, more than other people take I’m guessing, but that’s because I was working at the same time so I couldn’t devote chunks of time during the week to my coursework. When you complete the course and have received the TEFL certificate then there is help available to find work, via the sister company of the TEFL program at UoT, Teach Away. I am only interested in teaching online for the immediate future, so I can’t comment on any overseas job placement service experiences. Teach Away did help me by sending me a list of online companies they recommend UoT TEFL graduates teach for. My experience of the job hunting process has been that it is very easy to find work. You just need to try not to accept the first job offer and instead shop around because the rates schools pay their teachers are dramatically different payscale ranges. As an example, I was offered $10 an hour by one school and $25 by another. The job positions were identical, only the companies were different. I think the holy grail of teaching online is to eventually gather enough of your own reliable private students and miss out on the middle person, the online school, completely. I would imagine this takes a lot of time though so try starting out on the right foot with a recommended online company paying not less than $20 an hour. UoT TEFL and Teach Away really delivered. Thanks to everyone!

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