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CIEE TEFL review, submitted by Vanina.

CIEE TEFL is one of the best-ranked TEFL programs and they fully deserve this position near the top. I took one of their combined TEFL courses, which for me was a departure from what I’ve been used to doing these past few years. I hadn’t studied anything since college and I did have my doubts about whether I would be mentally and physically able to complete an intensive course. The course I purchased was one of their study-when-you-want courses and this meant I could keep returning to where I had last left off when I had the available time. In other words, it was a self-paced course. This meant there were no set-in-stone start or end dates to the course and I was free to complete all the tasks according to when I was free to do so. Just the teaching practice hours had set times. Still, even here it was possible for me to reschedule a lesson with a student if something unexpected came up. Which did btw happen a few times. I looked around on the net and this is one of the cheaper options for the combination TEFL of online study and teaching practice. TBH I didn’t do that much research into all the different TEFL courses before I made my pick, so I don’t know whether this is the best one or not for the combined option. For me, though, this course ticked all the boxes. My TEFL certificate looks similar to the ones issued by the in-class programs, so no complaints from my end whatsoever. This is a very good option for a combined TEFL study.

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