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“Overall the course was great and I would probably recommend Let’s TEFL to others”

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3 star online tefl review

Let’s TEFL review, written by Lauren.

The Let’s TEFL 120-hour online course is a good option if (as in my case) you don’t have the option of taking four weeks out for the on-site certification training alternative. I was looking for a course I could study when I had time off from work and this version of the TEFL training fit well for me. The course is solid. I didn’t have any previous teaching experience of any kind whatsoever, so I was a little nervous when I signed up. I made sure to read the program’s website thoroughly, so I had a pretty good idea going into what to expect in the general sense, but I wasn’t certain just how involved and complex the information would get. This is the standout positive of the course. It starts off slow and easy and builds in difficulty and momentum. I personally liked this approach because if it had begun really difficult I don’t know whether I would have felt motivated enough to study on through to the end. I had to pay extra for the certificate and I thought the program could have been more active with help finding jobs and giving advice on which schools to avoid. Overall the course was great and I would probably recommend Let’s TEFL to others.

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