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OISE University of Toronto TEFL review, submitted by Craig.

I always had to take a TEFL course high up on my To-Do list, but just never got around to it. The right time never presented itself, and I’m a procrastinator by nature đŸ™‚ Towards the end of last year, I got laid off from my work and this gave me the time to be able to focus on the 4-week online TEFL. Well, the course actually took me 5 weeks, but I read online that 4 is average. I chose to take this teaching English qualification course with the University of Toronto TEFL for a couple of reasons: I live in Toronto, and I wasn’t paying for the course myself so I was able to afford to take the most expensive online TEFL course I could find đŸ˜€

Really loved the course. It starts off nice and easy and progressively gets more intensive as you clock up the module numbers. As a native English speaker, I was taken aback by how much new information I was learning in the course about my own language. Before taking the TEFL, I was actually considering whether to just apply for teaching jobs without the TEFL training and just wing it as I went. Now that I have taken the course, I would urge people not to skimp on the TEFL training. Without it, I would be completely lost in knowing what is required of English teachers. There is so much to learn that I actually feel sorry for people who get a job without taking a TEFL course because they sure are going to have a year or more of failing in front of their students. So yeah, definitely take a TEFL class before you think about teaching English as a temporary, or long-term profession.

To conclude: I recommend the University of Toronto TEFL course online đŸ™‚

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