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“a really good course with engaging material at every stage”

5 star online tefl review

The TEFL Academy review, submitted by Ahmed.

This was a really good course with engaging material at every stage. It teaches the communicative approach of TEFL and so there are many given examples of how best to present language in a way that should prevent your students from getting bored too easily in their classes. Grammar is also covered, and I appreciated this aspect of the course, but for me, the best part was learning about the different methods of conveying English in a fun and interesting way. The only downside was the length of time it took for someone from the TTA office to answer emails but thankfully I didn’t require that much support and I actually found the course to be overall relatively easy and straightforward. The only part I did find really difficult was understanding the IPA chart, so I watched some YouTube videos online to help with this. I will highly recommend this course to anyone interested in TEFL.

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  1. I also wasn’t very impressed with how slowly TTA responded to my course emails and messages.
    Sometimes I never even got a reply. And it wasn’t as if I was sending too many or asking stupid questions.
    I now read on here that TTA isn’t even fully accredited and they seem to have an issue with fake customer reviews.
    I really don’t advise anyone to take this program.

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