“I had the impression the staff genuinely cares if you pass or fail”

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TEFL Org UK review, submitted by Ashley.

I would not trade the experience I had with TEFL Org for anything. It’s a great course for anybody who is looking to get started in TEFL or for anyone interested in advancing their TEFL knowledge and experience. I read a few complaints about people not receiving their certificates on time, but I didn’t have this issue. The course worked like clockwork and I had the impression the staff genuinely cares if you pass or fail. I passed with distinction and can’t fathom how anyone could fail this course. Have used the certificate for jobs and never had any pushback. Everything is done online. You don’t need to go anywhere to take the course. This was a huge selling point for me as I do currently work full-time and the course afforded me the option to focus on it on the weekends. I would have been able to manage the same TEFL syllabus had I had to be somewhere physically in-person to take the classes. It was a painless process and a positive one. I think TEFL Org should be ranked higher in the TEFL Directory because of these factors. Perhaps this review will help seal that. Overall, it is a course that I recommend to others because, from my own personal experience, I was satisfied with the tuition and post-course support. I also had the impression that they want you to succeed. After all, it makes more sense for them to encourage their TEFL learners to do well in the course.

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