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“I don’t recommend I-TO-I TEFL UK”

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i-to-i TEFL UK review, submitted by Bryan.

Supposedly accredited by TVUQ (which I now learn doesn’t accredit TEFL courses) I-TO-I TEFL UK is one of many programs offering a Level5 version of the certification. I did some research, though, and couldn’t find them registered as a Level 5 course provider. Pros and cons of this certification program:

  1. It’s relatively affordable compared with the 4-week in-person courses.
  2. Study-as-you-go model makes it convenient.
  3. It has an enticing website and they do seem to sell many courses.
  1. Customer service is absent. They don’t respond to emails and feedback and grading on coursework takes forever.
  2. I only got my current teaching gig because of my previous teaching experience. The school director took one look at my I-TO-I TEFL certificate and quite literally laughed. If I didn’t have teaching experience, I wouldn’t have got the job. That is for sure.
  3. They have many bloggers praising the program’s benefits. This should have been an immediate red flag if I hadn’t felt rushed into purchasing the course.
  4. No after-course support whatsoever, despite claims to the contrary made on the program’s website.
  5. I’m not even convinced this program is accredited. I checked the Level 5 database and I-TO-I TEFL isn’t mentioned there.

If you don’t mind teaching for some of the more obscure teaching companies this program will probably suffice. For anything more professional and better paid, I’d give it a miss and choose a different program.

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