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“Poor video quality and inadequate feedback”

3 star online tefl review

The TEFL Academy review, submitted by Jade.

Poor video quality and inadequate feedback. Despite the content of this TTA Level 5 TEFL course being on the whole of a high level, the entire experience was dramatically lowered by the poor video quality in the tuition modules, as well as the feedback on my assignments being consistently subpar. I got the distinct impression that no one had bothered to read my coursework because the feedback didn’t correlate at all with the work I had put in. I also learned later on that TEFL Academy (Ireland/UK) isn’t an accredited program; meaning there are some jobs that I won’t be considered for with the certification from this company. When I brought this up with TEFL Academy they referred me to QUALIFI, who they said accredit them, but the reply I received from QUALIFI only stated that they regulate TEFL Academy’s courses and didn’t mention anywhere in the email that they accredit them. I am 100% certain that I will be able to find teaching work with this certificate as most schools don’t seem to care about accreditation, but the fact that I was misled into thinking TEFL Academy is accredited made me feel a bit cheated. It’s a shame really because apart from the low-quality course videos, I thought the course content was structured really well and it taught me so many things about teaching ESL. The 3 stars are for the course content.

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