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“TTA Online Certification. I went with TTA’s online program”

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TTA Online Certification The TEFL Academy review, submitted by Jolinda.

TTA Online Certification.

I went with TTA’s online program. From start to finish, it took me (just shy of) 8 weeks to complete. That’s also factoring in the time spent on the coursework assignments. I’m guessing that’s the usual number of weeks needed to complete this program because I’ve noticed other reviewers needed the same amount of time.

The course was very good, and although it was complicated in parts because of lots of grammar instruction, I managed to pass the course with the equivalent of an A grade. This course might be too intense for people who struggle with long descriptions of grammar. I liked this approach though because I developed into a bit of a grammar nerd by the end of the course.

It’s not all grammar though. The course teaches many approaches to teaching ESL/EFL and there are some really good examples of teaching activities too.

I won’t get an opportunity to make use of the certificate for now because I’ve just started a full-time job in another field, but I hope to get the certification working for me when my current job contract completes itself in June.

I can’t wait to get started on my TEFL adventure when that time comes around!

One final point worth noting is that the person from TTA whom I was liaising with was very helpful and all-around supportive.

I enjoyed TTA’s course, despite the sometimes very intense nature of the study materials.

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