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“ITA TEFL worth it?”

3 star online tefl review

ITA TEFL worth it? International TEFL Academy review, submitted by Kirsten.

ITA TEFL worth it? I am inclined to agree with previous ITA TEFL reviewers that this program offers the inflexible 4-week in-person course in an inflexible online format. It’s inflexible because even though it is online (which should mean flexibility) you still have fixed start and end dates; something you would expect from an onsite TEFL course, not an online TEFL course. I had the thought that ITA TEFL are really an onsite TEFL program but have switched to online because that’s where the money is now since Covid.

It’s not all doom and gloom though. I thought the course was brilliant. And the benefit of having fixed start and end dates to the course means that you get to share the same study timeline as other TEFL students; albeit virtually. It also means that the course tutor knows where everyone is at any given time during the course and can therefore respond quickly and precisely to questions. I’ve also had no obstacles using the certificate for my online tuition work.

I think that a 3 star review is fair because although the course and support is top-notch (it really is) the high cost of the course and the rigid scheduling give it a significant disadvantage over other online TEFL-TESOL programs I’ve researched since. Overall, I probably wouldn’t recommend ITA TEFL to others.

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