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“Finding a teaching job in Thailand is easy. Finding a good one isn’t.”

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Vantage TEFL Certification review, submitted by Samuel.

I chose the Vantage TEFL combined TEFL study program because my only goal with TEFL is to teach in Thailand. Of all the programs offering the combined course specifically in Thailand, this one seemed like it was the best. And since taking the course, I can take an educated guess that this probably is the case. The only caveat to this claim is that I’m not so sure about how well accepted the certificate will be outside of Thailand. My course was the combined TEFL, which meant studying the most boring grammar stuff online and then doing the way more interesting teaching practice at their downtown office in the heart of Bangkok. Another caveat is that I did take the course in the summer (of 2021) and back then it was still possible to meet up in person with students. The Thai government has recently reintroduced strict entry requirements for everyone, so I wouldn’t recommend booking any courses which have an in-person component just yet. Have heard, from credible sources, people arriving in Thailand, and finding out the person they were sitting next to on their flight tested positive for covid, and they and the person who tested positive had to quarantine for 10-14 days- at their own expense. That’s even if you didn’t test positive yourself. So, yeah, I’d hold off on any travel plans just yet and wait for when you can book a flight over with more confidence. It’s really easy to find teaching work here and Vantage TEFL can help you too. I didn’t need their help, but if you need it then I’ve heard they are there for you. Finding a teaching job in Thailand is easy. Finding a good one isn’t.

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