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“The course gave me a comprehensive overview of the resources required for TEFL”

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The TEFL Institute of Ireland review, submitted by Michael.

Very satisfied. The course gave me a comprehensive overview of the resources required for TEFL, which is something I was completely unaware of before undertaking the course. It’s also accredited, so that was another big plus. I chose this particular course as a plan B really because my first choice had been TEFL Academy’s but having read all the poor reviews I went with TEFL Institute of Ireland instead. Both are based out of the Republic of Ireland, which is where I hope to be teaching in 2022. This was my main reason for choosing a TEFL program based in Ireland. The studying aspect of the course was made interesting I thought by the inclusion of learner games, which helped make the course not seem like you were reading from a textbook. Helpful feedback was also provided and I had the impression that the school’s staff care about their students’ development. I received the electronic certificate within a week of completing the course. I also think I read somewhere on the school’s website that they help with searching for TEFL work. I’ve already got my job confirmed. Just hoping this new variant doesn’t mess up those plans. I don’t normally write reviews but am happy to have written this one based on a very positive experience.

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