“The MyTEFL course did do a good job at explaining the basics”

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MyTEFL review, submitted by Dale.

This course was comprehensive and easy to digest. You don’t get any video tutorials with the course so this might be a deal breaker for any visual learners out there. For me I was satisfied without videos because I learn better with data. Besides, there are some excellent explainer diagrams and these were sufficient enough. What I didn’t like about the program were the add on charges for things like course extensions and the certificate fee. I also didn’t think much of the MyTEFL job placement service so I opted out of that and just went ahead and searched for jobs on my own.

I don’t think any course will actively prepare you completely for teaching because it is something that you pick up through experience. The MyTEFL course did do a good job at explaining the basics and getting me started in the field with the TEFL certificate. Just would have liked more help with the job search side of things. Felt to me that the moment I said I wouldn’t pay for the job placement they lost interest in me.

I have been using the certificate and have done so with a few companies that give me online students. It took me longer than I’d anticipated to start working. Many of these companies ask that you interview two or three times. That felt unnecessary to me for an online gig which I was obviously qualified for. It isn’t as if I were interviewing to work for a corporate job. My advice is to be persistent and don’t accept any job offers which pay less than $20 per hour. One school wanted to pay me $12 per hour. That is just ridiculous. I guess though that some people might be tempted to take a job like this just to get a bit of experience before looking elsewhere. Also, don’t believe the blogs which tell you that you can earn $100 per hour teaching English online. It may be possible but not in my experience. Good luck!

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