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Premier TEFL review, submitted by Tobey.

Reasonable course. I have completed courses online before so I do consider myself a fair judge of distance-learning training courses as a whole. There were some glaring spelling and grammar mistakes in some of the text. It is a huge course (120 hours) to get through though so I wasn’t that shocked there were some mistakes made. All is needed is for a proofreader to spend a weekend going through it and that should eliminate the errors. It was a pleasant study-when-you-want-to course. No time-constrictive study times and no pressure of having to complete coursework by a certain hour of the day. If you really put the time and effort in I think you could finish the whole course in a couple of days. It took me longer (3 weeks) because I was making notes while I went through each module. I can’t say the course blinded me with its awesomeness as some of its graduates claim. What it did do was do a reasonable job of conveying TEFL knowledge and TEFL practice theory and that was good enough for me.

Most important for me is I’ve had no problems during interviews for teaching jobs when I say I took the TEFL through this TEFL company. This is your run of the mill TEFL course. Some negative mentions but overall mainly positive.

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