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TPR Teaching Caitriona Maria

TPR Teaching Caitriona Maria

TPR Teaching Caitriona Maria

This is (sigh) yet another example of an online TEFL company behaving badly, and is yet another reason why The TEFL Academy ( remains on the Trusted TEFL Reviews scam list ( of online TEFL/TESOL course providers that act unethically and misrepresent themselves to TEFL students.

Back in March 2021, Trusted TEFL Reviews received a TEFL Academy review that contained a lot of marketing language. When it was decided that the review was in direct contradiction to our review submission guidelines, we took the decision not to publish the review.

The review had been submitted by Caitriona McTiernan, who likes to go by the online alias “Caitriona Maria”.

TPR Teaching Caitriona Maria McTiernan Longford Ireland
Caitriona “Maria” McTiernan is a TEFL Academy shill, earning money from their Share A Sale affiliates program.
Caitriona McTiernan Farm Longford Ireland
Caitriona “Maria” McTiernan (far right) is a TEFL Academy shill at night and a dairy farmer during the day.

When we decided not to publish Caitriona’s review, due to the fact that she works for The TEFL Academy, that should really have been the end of the story.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t.

Caitriona took offense. Was seemingly outraged. Acted as though it was our obligation to publish her keyword-packed The TEFL Academy review.

Intrigued, Trusted TEFL Reviews took a look at Caitriona’s blog, and we noticed a few important elements:

  1. The homepage of the website has been designed to give the impression that TPR Teaching is a source of basic information for English teachers, looking for handy teaching tips.
  2. The website strongly recommends The TEFL Academy online TEFL course, which, btw, is not an accredited TEFL program.
  3. The website recommends some very shady online TEFL courses which are similarly not accredited or internationally recognized.

One more thing that we noticed, a few weeks after Trusted TEFL Reviews declined to publish Caitriona’s The TEFL Academy review, was a scathing attack on Trusted TEFL Reviews by Caitriona “Maria” McTiernan.

When we looked closer, we saw that Caitriona simply copied the misinformation spread by Ian Leahy, from ESLinsider. Ian Leahy is notorious within the TEFL industry for publishing rubbish online about his business competition. More about Ian Leahy and ESLinsider:

Of all the TEFL programs to aspire to, The TEFL Academy and Caitriona “Maria” McTiernan couldn’t have picked a worse one in ESLinsider TEFL.

Caitriona is relatively young and we initially didn’t feel comfortable publishing a post about her shilling of The TEFL Academy. However, over time, we have noticed how shrewd she is and how invested she is in promoting The TEFL Academy through outright lies.

Therefore, we feel that this post is a public service for any future TEFL students who may stumble across her blog and who will likely be unaware of the behind-the-scenes hidden agenda of Caitriona’s website.

Incidentally, Caitriona only began her website in early 2020 and it already enjoys quite a significant Google ranking presence. We assume that this is because The TEFL Academy clandestinely promotes it behind the scenes, through link farming techniques.

So, therefore, the TPR Teaching website, owned and operated by Caitriona “Maria” McTiernan, is simply an extension of The TEFL Academy’s business model.

Caitriona has been a TEFL Academy student and is completely welcome to write what she likes about her experience of the program, despite the fact that she mentions things like it is a “highly accredited course”.

However, she also earns money by recommending other TEFL programs that she has no direct experience of and which she earns an affiliate’s commission from each time an unwitting person buys a TEFL course through her website.

For example, Caitriona praises and promotes the MyTEFL online TEFL program.

MyTEFL has also been exposed for their fake accreditation and the way that they misrepresent their job placement services to their TEFL graduates:

The TEFL industry is full of individuals who see an opportunity of making some affiliates marketing money by recommending courses that they know very little about.

Caitriona is one of these people.

It is not positive for the industry, and it is not positive for the TEFL students who suddenly find out one day that their TEFL certificate course was a waste of money when an employer or government agency declines their job or visa application.

This is all that we are going to write as of this point because I personally feel that I have summed everything up already.

What I will do now is complete this article with images and comments, which further cement the fact that websites such as TPR Teaching are bad for the TEFL industry.

TPR Teaching Caitriona Maria | homepage - a scam website
The home page of TPR Teaching starts off with a rosy claim that is intended to sell more TEFL courses. It is possible to teach English without a degree, but many countries do specifically require their teachers to have a college degree.
The TEFL Academy scam - - Caitriona Maria McTiernan
How can a TEFL program be “Highly Accredited” if they are only regulated by QUALIFI and not accredited by any organization? The TEFL Academy claims that it is accredited, but they are not. Facebook - a scam website
The TPR Teaching Facebook page (as of 17th December 2021) has zero reviews. The Facebook page has likely been established for the sole purpose of being able to add a Facebook icon to the TPR Teaching website- therefore giving the impression that it is more reputable in the public eye.
Affiliate Disclaimer scam
We disagree that Caitriona tries “to keep everything fair and balanced, including our reviews and comparisons”. She is, after all, a part of The TEFL Academy’s staff.
The TEFL Academy scam complaints
A user with genuine, astute concerns.
Caitriona Maria McTiernan scammer
Caitriona’s response to the comment is that the person who wrote the two (fair) comments is a “keyboard warrior”. She also claims that is “fake” – this is simply because we wouldn’t publish her review.

Incidentally, when Trusted TEFL Reviews tried to add a comment to the TPR Teaching website, our comment wasn’t published by Caitriona. We have received complaints from other people who have also not had their comments published on Caitriona “Maria” McTiernan’s website.

We would advise treading carefully and taking anything published on the TPR Teaching site with a generous dose of skepticism.

Caitriona and The TEFL Academy are welcome to add a comment to this article.

Mia Williams

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May 2022 Caitriona Maria McTiernan Update

This is a quick Trusted TEFL Reviews update, highlighting the continued harassment that I (Mia Williams) have been receiving from TTA The TEFL Academy, and one of its employees: Caitriona Maria McTiernan.

Trusted TEFL Reviews received these two messages from Caitriona Maria two days ago:

Caitriona Maria McTiernan Portugal
Caitriona Maria McTiernan comments on TESOL certification scam wesbite
Enlarged for the purpose of easier reading of the text in the comments.

At first, we refused to delete the comments.

But then, we decided to delete these two comments from this article because we get how some people can act and say really dumb things when they are stressed out.

When we received yet another message, also from Caitriona Maria McTiernan – a message that we can’t publish on here because of the intense use of expletives and graphic threats – we made the call to publish the screenshot that we had taken of Caitriona’s previous two comments submitted to on May 17th.

TTA The TEFL Academy and its Brand Ambassador Caitriona Maria McTiernan are very good at marketing. However, I’m not certain how they are going to market themselves out of this one.

Mia Williams | Trusted TEFL Reviews


  1. Just had a look at Tefl Academy’s website. Who the hell pays over €400 for a TEFL course which isn’t even accredited? Makes the mind boggle!

  2. Christopher.

    Thanks for commenting.

    The TEFL Academy used to be a solid TEFL program.
    That was before Thomas Gibbons took over as CEO.
    It appears that TEFL Academy has since lost its accreditation status and has resorted to outright lying about being accredited by QUALIFI.
    QUALIFI only regulates courses. They don’t accredit them.
    As such, TEFL Academy’s courses are not accredited at all.

    Because TEFL Academy lies about its accreditation status, it does make me wonder whether they also lie about its charity contributions.

    Very dodgy indeed.

    Mia Williams – Trusted TEFL Reviews

  3. I nearly signed up with the TEFL Academy but as a vegan, I just can’t give a company money that finances the dairy industry. I also don’t want to pay for a course that isn’t accredited.
    I’ll look elsewhere…

  4. Wow! She actually went there!

    She actually threatened to “pay you a visit”!

    This Caitriona is wacko. I left a few comments on her website and none of them were published.
    She runs her blog like a dictator.

    Caitriona Maria has lost all credibility. So has TTA The TEFL Academy.

  5. Hello Mia,

    That is awful that you were threatened.

    There is absolutely no excuse for it.

    We hope that you are holding up ok and that you choose to contact the police about it.

    Unfortunately, this is the same type of pattern of behavior that we have also witnessed from The TEFL Academy and Caitriona Maria McTiernan.

    We have to be a bit candid in our response because TEFL Online Pro is currently proceeding with a legal defamation case against The TEFL Academy (Everything TEFL LTD) and Caitriona Maria McTiernan.

    We would, though, like to respond to two recent comments that Caitriona herself has published on her for-profit blog – a blog that she falsely claims is a non-profit.

    “If they check out the certificate and the certificate number, they will see it’s fake. It’s best to go with a course that is internationally recognized, one that most countries have heard of.”

    “Many former students of TEFL Online Pro who have commented on this post later asked me to remove their comments via email. He is calling them, abusing them and stalking them to the point of insanity.
    I have had to remove multiple comments on my website due to the threatening nature of the person behind TEFL Online Pro.
    I am also currently facing a stream of unimaginable abuse which I will refrain from disclosing here. He is constantly monitoring this page.
    Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about this matter and I am still glad I could help others who were misled.”

    Both statements are false and intentionally misleading.

    1. TEFL Online Pro graduates teach online and in-person in every country in the world where there is a TEFL job market. If our certificates were “fake” we would have been put out of business a long time ago.

    2. We would never abuse, stalk, or threaten anyone.
    The only time we did contact Caitriona was to politely ask her to stop writing trash about our company online.
    Her response was that she is free to write whatever she wants and that there is absolutely nothing we can do about it because she has no money in the event of a court case.
    Also, we are a team at TEFL Online Pro and we are not a one-man-show.
    It is also extremely unlikely that many former students have contacted Caitriona – as you can see from our verified student reviews, we receive overwhelmingly positive customer feedback.
    The only negative online feedback has been written and published by ESLinsider TEFL/Ian Patrick Leahy, MyTEFL, and The TEFL Academy/Caitriona Maria McTiernan.

    The only purpose of these two statements, as well as the other defamatory statements published on her blog, is to steal customers from TEFL Online Pro, convince those customers to take another TEFL course and make money in the process by earning a commission on those TEFL course referrals through affiliate marketing deals.

    The damage is not only limited to our company’s reputation being defamed online.

    The TEFL programs that Caitriona recommends are all without fully accredited status.

    Fully accredited programs have to abide by strict codes of conduct and one of those codes is a blanket ban on any form of affiliate marketing.

    The vast majority of our customers see statements like the ones Caitriona makes as a classic smear campaign.

    For the small minority that don’t know what to believe, we have issued a rebuttal to the false and misleading statements:

    Kind regards,

    Paul Murphy | Operations Manager | TEFL Online Pro

    We are also a 5-star-rated TEFL/TESOL program on Facebook!
    Read our FB verified customer reviews:

    Teachers’ Choice Award winner, 2019 | 2020 | 2021: Fully Accredited TEFL Course Provider

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