The TEFL Institute of Ireland

“Overall, I thought the price/quality ratio was very good”

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The TEFL Institute of Ireland review, submitted by Melissa.

The course is engaging and immersive from start to finish and I would recommend it for people (like myself) who know (knew) little to nothing about TEFL teaching. Like all of these types of courses, the content begins quite basic and then ramps up as you progress through the different sections. I was required to apply the information learned to mock lesson plans, which is something I thoroughly enjoyed. I want to make it clear that this is a 100% online course, so no interactive class activities with students, and the mock lesson plans make the learning process more real because you can picture yourself teaching students with the lesson plans which you have created. I did have the option of taking a 4-week onsite TEFL program but I thought it unnecessary to lock up 4 weeks of my time and pay the exorbitant fees which are charged by in-person programs. The online TEFL program certificate is just as recognized as a traditional brick-and-mortar TEFL certificate and the tuition is much cheaper. I chose the 120-hour TEFL course as this is the number of hours requested by most of the jobs I saw advertised online. Overall, I thought the price/quality ratio was very good and the course content was easy to digest and well presented.

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