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Bridge TEFL review, submitted by Sean.

The outstanding feature of this course was how it explained grammar in a clear way. I grew up having English as my mother tongue and I thought I would know everything about grammar before I took the TEFL course. After the first few modules, I realized that my grammar knowledge had many holes in it and I put this down to schools not addressing grammar that intensively in our school system. As an example, I had no idea what Present Perfect or Past Perfect was and I certainly had no idea how to explain the differences between these grammar points to another person. This course showed me that by using things like timelines I can explain the differences and also once you do start reading about grammar it honestly does become more and more interesting. The course also covered Phonetics and this topic was one of my favorites in the course. I also learned how to create lesson plans and learned how to condense my teaching material down to 45/60/90 minutes. If I hadn’t taken the TEFL, if I had just decided to wing it without the qualification, I doubt I would have lasted that long before my students began calling me out on my lack of knowledge and inability to teach. The course is short (1 month) but is a fantastic starter course for TEFL teaching.

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