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“Not worth the money IMO”

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The TEFL Academy review, submitted by Caitlin.

Not worth the money IMO.

I picked this program because of the hundreds of positive reviews on Trust Pilot. Looking back now, I’m extremely dubious of the majority of the reviews on that website with regard to The TEFL Academy Program. I think many of them are fake or financially related coerced.

I do agree with other reviewers on Trusted TEFL Reviews that the course content is of a high standard. My issues began though when I submitted my coursework and then waited over a week for any feedback. When the feedback came, it didn’t correlate with the theme of my coursework. It was obvious that someone from The TEFL Academy office just got around to emailing me a generic reply, without even reading my submission(s).

They also charge you a lot for the certificate, I had no help after the course, and I recently read that they are not even accredited. I think it was Mia from Trusted TEFL Reviews who exposed them for their accreditation false claims:

When I did even more digging, I saw that The TEFL Academy write trash about their competitors. This was a real turn-off for me.

If I went back in time and had this TEFL course option again, I wouldn’t take it.

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