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“My TEFL Academy experience was very positive and I recommend the experience to others”

5 star online tefl review

The TEFL Academy review, submitted by Jerry.

My overall experience with TEFL Academy’s online program has been positive. For this reason, I’m awarding the program five stars. Whilst it isn’t a program completely without flaws, I do disagree with the some of the more harsher criticism in other TEFL Academy reviews that I’ve read.

I signed up for the course for one clear reason: to get the TEFL certificate so I would be qualified to teach English online and overseas. I have since completed and passed the course and I’ve been teaching English to online students from around the world since the early summer.

In my opinion, the course was excellent and the support I received was likewise excellent. I have no complaints about either. I haven’t begun searching for work overseas yet because I feel it is still too early to make concrete international travel plans, but I do hope to be leaving sometime in early 2022.

I shall be moving to Thailand, where I plan to travel for a few months before settling over the border in Cambodia. I’ve read that Cambodia is a really good country to teach in if you don’t have a college degree. That’s the only reason why I’m not planning on settling in Thailand.

My TEFL Academy experience was very positive and I recommend the experience to others.

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