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Premier TEFL review, submitted by Steve.

Covers lots of ground and I learned more than I was expecting. However, there were some issues. The quality begins to taper off around the middle of the course. It felt like the person writing the course lost the enthusiasm to continue on the same level and it shows. This was further noticeable by the needless spelling mistakes and the grammar errors I picked up on. You can call me nit-picky, but I think that a course intended for people hoping to go into EFL teaching should be without these failings. It also took a long time to receive any feedback on my coursework. When the feedback came, it was subpar at best. I don’t think my tutor actually read my submissions. More realistic is that they simply emailed me back a template response.

Despite these shortcomings, I passed the course and received my TEFL certificate much quicker than I was expecting – expectations based on some of the previous reviews of this program on TTR. The hard-copy certificate is still on my bedroom wall as I’ve only ever used the electronic version for job interviews, etc. The certificate looks professional and authentic, and has served its purpose so far.

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