“I really liked the ITTO online course and I recommend it to others”

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ITTO review, submitted by Shamus.

I want to begin by writing about how wonderful my tutor was. Susan gave great feedback on my work and helped me develop as a teacher in training. She not only graded my work but also gave me tips and pointers for how certain parts of my work could have been better. If you are going to take a TEFL or TESOL course online then you should choose one which comes with some type of tutor support. Without the help I received, the course would have been a lot more difficult and I just wouldn’t have understood it as well as I did when I completed it last year.

I was a Covid graduate, so like everyone else, I started teaching to students online. I loved it and hated it. The positives of the job were that I could work from home, the money was quite good, I didn’t have a manager always breathing down my neck, and my schedule was relatively flexible. The negatives of the job were that it was very difficult to maintain everyone’s attention for the full hour, sometimes my classes would be canceled last minute, and I missed the face-to-face aspect of teaching.

Like a lot of other people, I am also waiting for South East Asia to open up again and when it does I’ll be on the first plane out. I’ve seen YouTube videos explaining how you can travel to the region even now at this time, but there are so many hoops which you need to jump through to meet the strict travel restrictions. I just don’t think it’s worth paying all that extra money to travel now when countries like Malaysia and Thailand should be open again for business come this Fall.

I really liked the ITTO online course and I recommend it to others.

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