“I enjoyed taking the Uni Prep TEFL certification course”

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5 star online tefl review

UNI-Prep review, submitted by Helen.

I enjoyed taking the Uni Prep TEFL certification course. The content was highly informative and easily accessible. It also provided practical knowledge. This wasn’t something I was expecting from a course taken online. The practical knowledge mainly covered classroom management and planning lessons- both important features of any ESL teaching classroom. I am now skilled in understanding how to organize my students (especially my younger students) so that I can bring the best of my teaching abilities to my students. Having lesson plan templates is also really useful because even though no two classes are the same in the content I have found that many of my lessons follow the same broad structured format. The certificate was delivered pretty quickly after I graduated from the course and I also received helpful answers to the many questions I had about finding work in Europe for this summer. Spain is one of the countries open for vaccinated Americans and I hope that it will remain this way going forward.

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